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Why Advertise with Us

While Bio-protocol and Bio-thing offer space for companies to advertise their products, the content of Bio-protocol is determined solely by the Bio-protocol Editorial Board and will not be influenced by the relationship of the advertiser with Bio-thing.
All of the products indexed in the Bio-thing database are actively used by researchers. Each product is utilized in one or more Bio-protocol in addition to the original research article.
The Bio-thing community is made up of your target customers: bench scientists that report on and look for high-quality reagents and rigorous protocols.
The Bio-thing platform encourages communication and allows you to efficiently and effectively communicate with your customers. This will help them have the best possible experience with your product.
Beyond bolstering your product’s brand, your support of Bio-protocol will help us achieve our mission of improving the rigor and reproducibility of life science research.

To request a media kit or other advertising information, please contact us at ad@bio-protocol.org