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Company: Donglian Electronic & Technology Development
Catalog#: SCB-1520
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Infection Assays of Tomato and Apple Fruit by the Fungal Pathogen Botrytis cinerea
[Abstract]  Botrytis cinerea (B. cinerea) is an aggressive fungal pathogen that infects more than 200 plant species. Furthermore, the pathogen can attack fruits of some plants, such as tomato and apple. B. cinerea has become one of the model systems in molecular phytopathology because of its economic importance and sophisticated genetic operation methods. Virulence assays are very important in the study of fungal pathogenesis. This protocol details the artificial inoculation procedure of B. cinerea on tomato and apple fruits. It also can be used to analyse the virulence of postharvest fungal pathogens on other fruits, such as pear, peach, jujube and so on. [摘要]   (灰葡萄孢菌(Botrytis cinerea))是侵袭性的真菌病原体,其感染超过200种植物物种。 此外,病原体可攻击一些植物的果实,例如番茄和苹果。 B。 灰霉病已经成为分子植物病理学的模型系统之一,因为其经济重要性和复杂的遗传操作方法。 毒力测定在真菌发病机理的研究中非常重要。 该协议详述了B的人工接种程序。 西红柿和苹果果实上的灰霉菌。 它还可用于分析收获后真菌病原体对其他果实如梨,桃,枣等的毒力。