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Determination of the Glycolysis and Lipogenesis in Culture of Hepatocytes
[Abstract]  Metabolic flux analyses are needed to provide insights into metabolic regulation that occurs in cells. The current protocol describes fast and reproducible methods for determining glycolysis and de novo lipogenesis of hepatocytes. Primary culture of hepatocytes is an ‘in vitro’ model useful to study liver glucose and lipid metabolism (Denechaud et al., 2016). The protocol is divided in 2 parts. Part I: Glycolysis experiment is assessed using the Seahorse extracellular ...

Preparation of Bacillus subtilis Cell Lysates and Membranes
[Abstract]  A common feature of every eukaryotic and prokaryotic cell is that they exhibit a plasma membrane. In Bacillus subtilis (B. subtilis) roughly 25% of all proteins are putative trans- or membrane associated proteins. Here we describe a relatively simple method to separate and prepare membrane and cytosolic proteins by ultra-centrifugation.

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