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Corning® Transwell® polycarbonate membrane cell culture inserts

Corning ® Transwell ®聚碳酸酯膜细胞培养插入物

Company: Sigma-Aldrich
Catalog#: CLS3421
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Transwell Cell Migration Assay Using Human Breast Epithelial Cancer Cell
[Abstract]  Transwell migration assays have been widely used for studying the motility of different types of cells including metastatic cancer cells. The assay is also useful in screens for compounds that act as chemoattractants or inhibitors of chemotaxis for cells. The assay employs a permeable layer of support, usually a tissue-culture-treated microporous membrane, which is positioned between two compartments that mimic two different sets of microenvironments for cell survival/growth. Cells on one side of the membrane, when sensing chemoattractants placed on the other side of the compartment that diffuses through the membrane, can migrate through the pores in the membrane towards the source of the chemoattractants. Cells that migrate across the membrane can be quantified by fixing and counting. ... [摘要]  Transwell迁移测定已经广泛用于研究不同类型的细胞(包括转移性癌细胞)的运动性。该测定法还可用于筛选充当化学趋化剂或细胞趋化性抑制剂的化合物。该测定使用可渗透的支持层,通常是组织培养处理的微孔膜,其位于模拟用于细胞存活/生长的两种不同组的微环境的两个区室之间。膜的一侧上的细胞,当感测放置在通过膜扩散的隔室的另一侧上的化学引诱物时,可以通过膜中的孔向化学引诱物的来源迁移。穿过膜迁移的细胞可以通过固定和计数来定量。人乳腺上皮腺癌MD-231细胞生长相对较快并且是转移性的。在此使用MB-231细胞系来描述使用transwell装置的体外细胞迁移测定的程序。