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DTT, Molecular Grade (DL-Dithiothreitol)


Company: Promega
Catalog#: V3151
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A General EMSA (Gel-shift) Protocol
[Abstract]  An electrophoretic mobility shift assay (EMSA), also referred to as mobility shift electrophoresis, a gel shift assay, gel mobility shift assay, band shift assay, or gel retardation assay, is a common technique used to study protein-DNA or protein-RNA interactions. The control lane (the DNA/RNA probe without protein present) will contain a single band corresponding to the unbound DNA or RNA fragment. If the protein is capable of binding to the fragment, the lane with protein present will contain another band that represents the larger, less mobile complex of nucleic acid probe bound to the protein, which is 'shifted' up on the gel (since it has moved more slowly). Here, a protocol to carry out an EMSA assay is described. [摘要]  电泳迁移率变动测定(EMSA),也称为迁移率变动电泳,凝胶迁移测定,凝胶迁移率变动测定,带移测定或凝胶阻滞测定是用于研究蛋白质-DNA或蛋白质-RNA的常见技术 互动。 对照泳道(不含蛋白质的DNA/RNA探针)将含有对应于未结合的DNA或RNA片段的单个条带。 如果蛋白质能够结合片段,存在蛋白质的泳道将包含另一条带,其代表与蛋白质结合的核酸探针的较大的,较少移动的复合物,其在凝胶上"移位"(因为它具有 移动更慢)。 这里,描述了进行EMSA测定的方案。