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Mouse Embryonic Fibroblast Cell Culture and Stimulation
[Abstract]  Culture of mouse embryonic fibroblast (MEF) cells represents a powerful system to test gene function due to their easy accessibility, rapid growth rates, and the possibility of a large number of experiments. Fibroblasts are a group of heterogeneous resident cells of mesenchymal origin that have various locations, diverse appearances and distinctive activities. Because of their ubiquitous distribution as tissue cells, these cells are poised to respond to factors released by newly activated innate immune cells, thus becoming a useful tool to study inflammation and immunity. Here, we describe procedures for mouse embryonic fibroblast cell isolation, primary culture, and stimulation. Specifically, we have optimized a step of serum starvation prior to stimulation. This step is necessary to ... [摘要]  小鼠胚胎成纤维细胞(MEF)细胞的培养代表了测试基因功能的强大系统,因为它们容易获得,快速生长速率和大量实验的可能性。成纤维细胞是一组具有不同位置,不同外观和独特活动的间充质来源的异质驻留细胞。由于它们作为组织细胞的普遍分布,这些细胞准备响应由新激活的先天免疫细胞释放的因子,因此成为研究炎症和免疫的有用工具。在这里,我们描述了小鼠胚胎成纤维细胞分离,原代培养和刺激的程序。具体来说,我们已经优化了刺激前血清饥饿的步骤。这个步骤是必要的,以维持这些细胞在它们暴露于促炎刺激为最佳反应之前的静止状态。如在我们以前的研究中所示,这些小鼠成纤维细胞在通过常规Northern印迹技术容易检测的水平下不表达Tnf , Csf2 或 Lai WS等人,2006)。