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11 mm straight plug stopper, natural red rubber


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Methods for Detecting Microbial Methane Production and Consumption by Gas Chromatography
[Abstract]  Methane is an energy-dense fuel but is also a greenhouse gas 25 times more detrimental to the environment than CO2. Methane can be produced abiotically by serpentinization, chemically by Sabatier or Fisher-Tropsh chemistry, or biotically by microbes (Berndt et al., 1996; Horita and Berndt, 1999; Dry, 2002; Wolfe, 1982; Thauer, 1998; Metcalf et al., 2002). Methanogens are anaerobic archaea that grow by producing methane gas as a metabolic byproduct (Wolfe, 1982; Thauer, 1998). Our lab has developed and optimized three different gas chromatograph-utilizing assays to characterize methanogen metabolism (Catlett et al., 2015). Here we describe the end point and kinetic assays that can be used to measure methane production by methanogens or methane ... [摘要]  甲烷是能量密集的燃料,但是也是比CO 2更加不利于环境25倍的温室气体。 甲烷可以通过蛇形化,化学方式通过Sabatier或Fisher-Tropsh化学,或通过微生物生物地生产(Berndt等人,1996; Horita和Berndt,1999; Dry,2002; Wolfe, Thauer,1998; Metcalf>等人,2002)。 甲烷生物是通过产生甲烷气体作为代谢副产物而生长的厌氧古生菌(Wolfe,1982; Thauer,1998)。 我们的实验室已经开发和优化了三种不同的气相色谱仪利用测定法来表征甲烷菌代谢(Catlett等人,2015)。 在这里我们描述的终点和动力学测定可用于测量甲烷产生甲烷生物或甲烷营养微生物的甲烷消耗。 该方案可用于测量甲烷产生或通过微生物纯培养物或通过富集培养物消耗。