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Company: Bio-Rad Laboratories
Catalog#: 7801070
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Detection of Protein Oxidative Activity Using Reduced RNase A
[Abstract]  This assay allows to determine whether proteins possess oxidative activity-the ability to introduce disulfide bond in vitro. The substrate for potential oxidases is a ribonuclease A which, for its activity, needs 4 properly formed disulfide bonds (Raines, 1998).
RNase A activity can be detected by:
  1. Monitoring the digestion of RNA (Lambert and Freedman, 1983);
  2. Methylene Blue assay (Greiner-Stoeffele et al., 1996);
  3. Analyzing the cleavage of the cyclic CMP (Lyles and Gilbert, 1991; Lyles and Gilbert, 1991).
We here describe method for measurements of oxidative activity, based on the cleavage of cCMP.
Oxidative activity will be tested by measuring spectrophotometrically RNase A cleavage of cyclic-2’, ...
[摘要]  该测定允许确定蛋白质是否具有氧化活性 - 在体外引入二硫键的能力。 潜在氧化酶的底物是核糖核酸酶A,其活性需要4个适当形成的二硫键(Raines,1998)。