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Dulbecco’s Modified Eagle’s Medium

Dulbecco''s Modified Eagle''s Medium

Company: Cytiva
Catalog#: SH3024301
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BODIPY 493/503 Staining of Neutral Lipid Droplets for Microscopy and Quantification by Flow Cytometry
[Abstract]  Lipid droplets (LDs) are ubiquitous, dynamic organelles and function as a storage depot for neutral lipids, including triglycerides and cholesterol esters (Walther and Farese, 2012). The movement of lipid species into and out of LDs impacts a variety of cellular processes, such as energy homeostasis, lipid-based signaling, and membrane homeostasis (Greenberg et al., 2011). For example, neutral lipid storage is enhanced upon increased synthesis or uptake of lipid species. On the other hand, extracellular signals can enhance the release of lipid species packaged within neutral LDs. Thus, the investigation of topics involving lipid metabolism may require the assessment of cellular neutral lipid content. In this protocol, we describe the use of the fluorescent neutral lipid dye ... [摘要]  脂滴(LD)是普遍存在的,动态的细胞器,并且作为中性脂质包括甘油三酯和胆固醇酯的储存库(Walther和Farese,2012)。 脂质物质进出LD的运动影响多种细胞过程,例如能量稳态,基于脂质的信号传导和膜内环境稳定(Greenberg等人,2011)。 例如,当增加脂质种类的合成或摄取时,中性脂质储存增强。 另一方面,细胞外信号可以增强包装在中性LD内的脂质物质的释放。 因此,涉及脂质代谢的主题的研究可能需要评估细胞中性脂质含量。 在该方案中,我们描述了荧光中性脂质染料4,4-二氟-1,3,5,7,8-五甲基-4-硼-3a,4a-二氮杂-s-引达省(BODIPY 493/503 ),以通过流式细胞术和通过显微镜观察LD来促进中性脂质含量的定量。

Metabolic Assays for Detection of Neutral Fat Stores
[Abstract]  Lipid droplets (LDs) are ubiquitous intracellular structures whose formation, growth, and maintenance are highly regulated (Wang et al., 2013; Ranall et al., 2011; Goodman, 2009). Lipid metabolism and droplet dynamics are of considerable interest to agriculture, biofuel production, viral pathology, nutrition, and cancer biology (Walther and Farese, 2009; Liu et al., 2010). Accumulation of fatty acids and neutral lipids in nonadipose tissues is cytotoxic (Kourtidis et al., 2009). BODIPY 493/503 (4,4-Difluoro-1,3,5,7,8-Pentamethyl-4-Bora-3a,4a-Diaza-s-Indacene) is the standard dye to study LDs within adipocytes. BODIPY 493/503 contains a nonpolar structure that, upon binding to neutral lipid, emits a green fluorescence signal with a narrow wavelength ... [摘要]  脂质滴(LD)是普遍存在的细胞内结构,其形成,生长和维持是高度调节的(Wang等人,2013; Ranall等人,2011; Goodman, 2009)。脂质代谢和液滴动力学对农业,生物燃料生产,病毒病理学,营养和癌症生物学是相当感兴趣的(Walther和Farese,2009; Liu等人,2010)。在非脂肪组织中脂肪酸和中性脂质的积累是细胞毒性的(Kourtidis等人,2009)。 BODIPY 493/503(4,4-二氟-1,3,5,7,8-五甲基-4-Bora-​​3a,4a-Diaza-s-Indacene)是研究脂肪细胞内LD的标准染料。 BODIPY 493/503含有非极性结构,在结合中性脂质时,发射具有窄波长范围的绿色荧光信号,使其成为用于多标记实验的理想荧光团。染料分子的疏水性质促进快速进入LD的非极性环境(Listenberge和Brown,2007)。 Gocze和Freeman显示,当使用BODIPY493/503与Nile Red相比时,脂质荧光变异性显着降低,表明其可能对LD更具特异性(Gocze和Freeman,1994)。在这里,我们描述了BODIPY 493/503测定用于检测培养的细胞中的神经脂肪储存(图1)(Wang等人,2013)。