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Pentobarbital sodium salt 戊巴比妥钠盐
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Microinjection of Virus into Lumbar Enlargement of Spinal Dorsal Horn in Mice
[Abstract]  In order to explore the role of a specific gene/protein in the specific segment of the spinal cord, the technique of intraspinal injection is particularly used to deliver viral vectors targeting the specific gene/protein. These viral vectors can knockdown or overexpress the specific gene/protein in specific cells (glial cells or neurons). In this protocol, lentivirus containing shRNA for CXCL13 were injected into the dorsal horn of the spinal lumbar enlargement segment (Jiang et al., 2016). This technique allows the study of the role of CXCL13 in the ipsilateral dorsal horn in neuropathic pain without affecting DRG or contralateral dorsal horn.

Phagocytosis Assay of Microglia for Dead Neurons in Primary Rat Brain Cell Cultures
[Abstract]  Clearance of dead brain tissue including the dead neurons through phagocytosis is an endogenous function of microglia in the brain, which is critical for inflammation resolution after ischemic stroke or head trauma. By regulating the function or polarization status of microglia, we may control their phagocytosis efficacy and therefore the cleanup process for the dead brain tissue. We cultured rat cortical neurons and microglia from the same litter of embryos. The cultured neurons are subjected to irradiation for inducing neuronal apoptosis. After labeling with propidium iodide (PI), the dead neurons (DNs) are exposed to the cultured microglia for phagocytosis assay. By counting the number of DNs in each microglia, we calculate the phagocytosis index to quantify the phagocytosis efficacy ...

Mast Cell Dependent Airway Hyperresponsiveness (AHR)
[Abstract]  Asthma is a complex phenotype that involves multiple mechanisms, including adaptive and innate immunity as well as physiological and mechanical changes in the airways. In the models of asthma induced by sensitization and aerosolized allergen exposure in the absence of adjuvant, mast cells facilitate the development of in ammation and airway hyper-responsiveness. This model is useful to analysis of function of mast cells in AHR.