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Human IL-2 IS

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Company: Miltenyi Biotec
Catalog#: 130-097-745
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Reporter Assay for Semen-mediated Enhancement of HIV-1 Infection
[Abstract]  Semen contains amyloid fibrils that enhance HIV-1 infection (Münch et al., 2007; Kim et al., 2010; Roan et al., 2011; Arnold et al., 2012; Usmani et al., 2014; Roan et al., 2014). Positively charged semen amyloids capture negatively charged viral particles and increase their attachment rates to the cell surface resulting in enhanced fusion and infection (Roan et al., 2009). Since semen is highly cytotoxic, we developed an assay that allows quantification of the infection enhancing activity of semen while minimizing its cell damaging activity. Here, we describe two protocols that allow the quantification of the infectivity enhancing activity of semen using a reporter cell line (TZM-bl cells) or peripheral blood mononuclear ... [摘要]  精液含有增强HIV-1感染的淀粉样蛋白原纤维(Münch等,2007; Kim等,2010; Roan等,2011; Arnold等,2012; Usmani等,2014; Roan et al。 ,2014)。 带正电的精液淀粉样蛋白捕获带负电的病毒颗粒并增加其对细胞表面的附着率,导致增强的融合和感染(Roan等人,2009)。 由于精液具有高度的细胞毒性,我们开发了一种能够定量精液感染增强活性同时最大限度降低其细胞损伤活性的测定方法。 在这里,我们描述允许使用报道细胞系(TZM-bl细胞)或外周血单核细胞(PBMC)定量精液的感染性增强活性的两种方案。