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Total RNA Extraction from Dinoflagellate Symbiodinium Cells
[Abstract]  Dinoflagellates are unicellular algae that can have photosynthetic or nonphotosynthetic lifestyles. Dinoflagellates in the genus Symbiodinium can enter endosymbiotic associations with corals, providing the metabolic basis for the highly productive and biologically diverse coral-reef ecosystems (Hoegh-Guldberg, 1999), as well as with other cnidarians, including sea anemones and jellyfish, and non-cnidarian hosts (Trench, 1993; Lobban et al., 2002; Mordret et al., 2016).

Here, I describe a protocol for isolating total RNA from Symbiodinium cells.
[摘要]  鞭毛藻是单细胞藻类,可以有光合或非光合生活方式。 Symbiodinium属中的甲藻类可以与珊瑚进入内共生关系,为高生产力和生物多样性珊瑚礁生态系统提供代谢基础(Hoegh-Guldberg,1999),以及其他的cnidarians,包括 海葵和海蜇,以及非刺猬寄主(Trench,1993; Lobban等人,2002; Mordret等人,2016)。


Dual-sided Voltage-sensitive Dye Imaging of Leech Ganglia
[Abstract]  In this protocol, we introduce an effective method for voltage-sensitive dye (VSD) loading and imaging of leech ganglia as used in Tomina and Wagenaar (2017). Dissection and dye loading procedures are the most critical steps toward successful whole-ganglion VSD imaging. The former entails the removal of the sheath that covers neurons in the segmental ganglion of the leech, which is required for successful dye loading. The latter entails gently flowing a new generation VSD, VF2.1(OMe).H, onto both sides of the ganglion simultaneously using a pair of peristaltic pumps. We expect the described techniques to translate broadly to wide-field VSD imaging in other thin and relatively transparent nervous systems. [摘要]  在这个协议中,我们介绍了一种有效的方法,用于Tomina和Wagenaar(2017)中使用的电压敏感染料(VSD)加载和水蛭神经节成像。 解剖和染料加载程序是成功完成全神经节VSD成像的关键步骤。 前者需要去除覆盖水蛭节段神经节神经元的鞘,这是成功染料加载所需的。 后者需要使用一对蠕动泵同时轻柔地将新一代VSD VF2.1(OMe).H流入神经节的两侧。 我们期望所描述的技术广泛地转化为其他薄且相对透明的神经系统中的宽视场VSD成像。

【背景】双面显微镜是一种宽视野荧光成像系统,由一对精确对准的显微镜组成,用于观察来自对面的神经元制剂并且一次显示不同的焦平面(Tomina and Wagenaar,2017)。通过将该光学系统与新一代电压敏感染料(VSD),VoltageFluor(Miller等人,2012; Woodford等人,2015),荧光可以同时从不同深度的神经元捕获编码具有高保真度膜电压的信号。我们将这种泛神经元记录系统应用于药用水蛭的神经系统,我们利用电生理学方法诱发虚构行为并定量控制可识别神经元的膜电位(Tomina and ...