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Isolation and Separation of Epithelial CD34+ Cancer Stem Cells from Tgfbr2-deficient Squamous Cell Carcinoma
[Abstract]  Most epithelial tumors have been shown to contain cancer stem cells that are potentially the driving force in tumor progression and metastasis (Kreso and Dick, 2014; Nassar and Blanpain, 2016). To study these cells in depth, cell isolation strategies relying on cell surface markers or fluorescent reporters are essential, and the isolation strategies must preserve their viability. The ability to isolate different populations of cells from the bulk of the tumor will continue to deepen our understanding of the biology of cancer stem cells. Here, we report the strategy combining mechanical tumor dissociation, enzymatic treatment and flow cytometry to isolate a pure population of epithelial cancer stem cells from their native microenvironment. This technique can be useful to further ... [摘要]  大多数上皮肿瘤已经显示含有可能是肿瘤进展和转移的驱动力的癌症干细胞(Kreso和Dick,2014; Nassar和Blanpain,2016)。 为了深入研究这些细胞,依赖于细胞表面标志物或荧光报告基因的细胞分离策略是必不可少的,分离策略必须保持其活力。 从大部分肿瘤中分离不同细胞群的能力将继续加深我们对癌症干细胞生物学的认识。 在这里,我们报告了结合机械肿瘤解离,酶处理和流式细胞术的策略,从其天然微环境中分离出纯种群的上皮癌干细胞。 该技术可用于进一步功能性地分析癌症干细胞(RNA测序和表观遗传学分析),在培养物中培养它们或在移植测定中直接使用它们。
【背景】肿瘤复发和转移是大多数与癌症有关的死亡的主要原因。恶性肿瘤可能由干细胞群体启动和维持(Nassar和Blanpain,2016; Bonnet和Dick,1997),这些细胞是预防复发的重要治疗靶点(Baumann et al。,2008)。研究表明,鳞状细胞癌由肿瘤干细胞亚群维持,其抗药性,并通过进行自我更新和分化(如正常干细胞)引发肿瘤复发,产生增殖祖细胞,其分化形成肿瘤大部分(Locke et al。,2005; Prince et al。,2007; Malanchi et al。,2008; de Sousa e Melo et ...

3D Gel Invasion Assay of Gastric Cancer Cells with Fibroblasts
[Abstract]  Cancer tissue is composed of cancer cells and a large number of stromal cells including fibroblasts. In order to understand the relationship between fibroblasts and cancer cells during invasion of the stroma, 3D gel invasion assay is useful. Most tumors are associated with a biologically active type of fibroblasts known as cancer-associated fibroblasts (CAFs), which promote the invasion of cancer cells. Here, we describe the method of imaging the invasion by fluorescently labeled CAFs and gastric cancer cells in gels containing extracellular matrix. For two-color fluorescence labeling of living cells, long-chain dialkylcarbocyanines, DiO and DiI were used. This method is also applicable for studying invasion by other stromal cells and cancer cells, and for evaluation of drugs targeting ... [摘要]  癌组织由癌细胞和大量包括成纤维细胞的基质细胞组成。 为了理解在基质侵入期间成纤维细胞和癌细胞之间的关系,3D凝胶入侵测定是有用的。 大多数肿瘤与称为癌症相关成纤维细胞(CAF)的生物活性类型的成纤维细胞相关,其促进癌细胞的侵入。 在这里,我们描述的成像入侵的荧光标记CAF和胃癌细胞在含有细胞外基质的凝胶中的方法。 对于活细胞的双色荧光标记,使用长链二烷基碳菁,DiO和DiI。 该方法也适用于研究其他基质细胞和癌细胞的侵袭,以及用于评价靶向癌症基质细胞的药物。

Subcutaneous Injection of Tumor Cells
[Abstract]  Growth of cells in the subcutaneous space of immunocompromised mice is a common method for assaying tumorigenic potential in vivo. This technique is also used to assess the effects of therapeutic interventions on cancer cell lines. [摘要]  免疫受损小鼠皮下空间中细胞的生长是测定体内致瘤潜力的常用方法。 这种技术也用于评估治疗干预对癌细胞系的影响。