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Dulbecco's Modification of Eagle's Medium (DMEM)

Dulbecco''s Modification of Eagle''s Medium(DMEM)

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Catalog#: 10-013
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Detection of Wnt5 in Media Conditioned by Mouse Embryonic Fibroblast
[Abstract]  This protocol describes the procedure of visualizing secreted Wnt5 protein in serum free media via western blotting. This procedure can also be used to visualize other secreted proteins larger than 10,000 daltons. The work presented in this paper visualizes Wnt5 secreted by mouse embryonic fibroblast (MEF), but can be adapted to other cell lines including those transiently transfected by plasmids. [摘要]  该协议描述了通过免疫印迹观察无血清培养基中分泌的Wnt5蛋白的过程。 该程序还可用于显现大于10,000道尔顿的其他分泌的蛋白质。 本文提出的工作可视化由小鼠胚胎成纤维细胞(MEF)分泌的Wnt5,但可以适应于其他细胞系,包括由质粒瞬时转染的那些。

Phagocytosis Assay of Microglia for Dead Neurons in Primary Rat Brain Cell Cultures
[Abstract]  Clearance of dead brain tissue including the dead neurons through phagocytosis is an endogenous function of microglia in the brain, which is critical for inflammation resolution after ischemic stroke or head trauma. By regulating the function or polarization status of microglia, we may control their phagocytosis efficacy and therefore the cleanup process for the dead brain tissue. We cultured rat cortical neurons and microglia from the same litter of embryos. The cultured neurons are subjected to irradiation for inducing neuronal apoptosis. After labeling with propidium iodide (PI), the dead neurons (DNs) are exposed to the cultured microglia for phagocytosis assay. By counting the number of DNs in each microglia, we calculate the phagocytosis index to quantify the phagocytosis efficacy ... [摘要]  通过吞噬作用来清除包括死亡神经元在内的死亡脑组织是脑中小胶质细胞的内源性功能,这对缺血性卒中或头部创伤后的炎症分解至关重要。通过调节小胶质细胞的功能或极化状态,我们可以控制其吞噬功效,从而控制死脑组织的清除过程。我们从相同的胚胎培养大鼠皮质神经元和小胶质细胞。培养的神经元经受辐射诱导神经细胞凋亡。用碘化丙啶(PI)标记后,将死亡神经元(DN)暴露于培养的小神经胶质细胞进行吞噬试验。通过计算每个小胶质细胞中的DN数量,我们计算吞噬指数,以量化小胶质细胞对DN的吞噬功效。方案分为4个部分:A)从产前大鼠胚胎培养大鼠皮质神经元,B)将死亡神经元作为吞噬作用靶标,C)培养大鼠脑小胶质细胞,D)定量小神经胶质细胞向死亡神经元的吞噬指数。