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Photometrics Cascade II 512 CCD camera

Company: Photometrics
Catalog#: Cascade II 512 CCD
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Direct Visualization and Quantification of the Actin Nucleation and Elongation Events in vitro by TIRF Microscopy
[Abstract]  Total internal reflection fluorescence (TIRF) microscopy is a powerful tool for visualizing the dynamics of actin filaments at single-filament resolution in vitro. Thanks to the development of various fluorescent probes, we can easily monitor all kinds of events associated with actin dynamics, including nucleation, elongation, bundling, fragmentation and monomer dissociation. Here we present a detailed protocol regarding the visualization and quantification of actin nucleation and filament elongation events by TIRF microscopy in vitro, which is based on the methods previously reported (Liu et al., 2015; Yang et al., 2011). [摘要]  全内反射荧光(TIRF)显微镜是用于在体外单丝分辨率下可视化肌动蛋白丝的动力学的强大工具。由于各种荧光探针的发展,我们可以轻松监测与肌动蛋白动力学相关的各种事件,包括成核,伸长,捆扎,碎裂和单体解离。在这里,我们提供了一个关于通过TIRF显微镜在体外可视化和定量肌动蛋白成核和细丝伸长事件的详细方案,其基于先前报道的方法(Liu等人, ,2015; Yang等人,2011)。

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