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[2,8-3H]-hypoxanthine, 27.7 Ci/mmol

[2,8-3H] - 次黄嘌呤,27.7Ci / mmol

Company: Moravek
Catalog#: MT700
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Transport Assays in Aspergillus nidulans
[Abstract]  Transport assays allow the direct kinetic analysis of a specific transporter by measuring apparent Km and Vmax values, and permit the characterization of substrate specificity profiles through competition assays. In this protocol, we describe a rapid and easy method for performing uptake assays in the model filamentous ascomycete Aspergillus nidulans. These assays make use of A. nidulans germinating conidiospores, thus avoiding technical difficulties associated with the use of mycelia. The ease of construction genetic null mutants in this model fungus permits the rigorous characterization of any transporter in the absence of similar transporters with overlapping specificities, a common problem in relevant studies. [摘要]  运输测定允许通过测量表观上的最小值和最小值来测量特定转运蛋白的直接动力学分析,以及 允许通过竞争测定表征底物特异性谱。 在本协议中,我们描述了在模型丝状子囊菌实施吸收测定的快速和容易的方法 Aspergillus nidulans 。 这些测定利用了A。 构巢曲霉发芽分生孢子,从而避免与使用菌丝体相关的技术困难。 在该模型真菌中构建遗传无效突变体的容易性允许在不存在具有重叠特异性的类似转运蛋白的情况下严格表征任何转运蛋白,这是相关研究中的常见问题。