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Staining of Callose Depositions in Root and Leaf Tissues
[Abstract]  The plant cell wall is a physical barrier, which fulfills a plethora of functions, for example it can efficiently prevent pathogen’s entry into the cell. In addition, its changing composition contributes to plants inducible defense mechanisms. This layer of defense includes pathogen perception and is followed by the activation of defense responses resulting, among others, in a modification and remodeling of the cell wall. This relatively late defense response (hours or days after contact with ...

Preparation of Bacillus subtilis Cell Lysates and Membranes
[Abstract]  A common feature of every eukaryotic and prokaryotic cell is that they exhibit a plasma membrane. In Bacillus subtilis (B. subtilis) roughly 25% of all proteins are putative trans- or membrane associated proteins. Here we describe a relatively simple method to separate and prepare membrane and cytosolic proteins by ultra-centrifugation.

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