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Laminin, Mouse, 1mg


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Clonal Culture of Mouse Liver Progenitor Cells
[Abstract]  Liver stem/progenitor cells (LPCs) are defined as bipotential cells differentiating into both hepatocytes and cholangiocytes. For analyzing their differentiation potential, clonal culture has been used for LPCs isolated by a cell sorter. In addition, we can use the culture to assess functions of target genes on differentiation potential of LPCs. This protocol describes the process of cell isolation and colony assay to examine proliferative and differentiation potential of LPCs. [摘要]  肝干/祖细胞(LPC)被定义为分化成肝细胞和胆管细胞的双能细胞。 为了分析其分化潜力,克隆培养已经用于通过细胞分选仪分离的LPC。 此外,我们可以使用文化来评估目标基因的功能分化潜力的LPCs。 该协议描述细胞分离和集落分析的过程,以检查增殖和分化潜力的LPCs。

Neuron Culture from Mouse Superior Cervical Ganglion
[Abstract]  The rodent superior cervical ganglion (SCG) is a useful and readily accessible source of neurons for studying the mechanisms of sympathetic nervous system (SNS) development and growth in vitro. The sympathetic nervous system (SNS) of early postnatal animals undergoes a great deal of remodeling and development; thus, neurons taken from mice at this age are primed to re-grow and establish synaptic connections after in situ removal. The stereotypic location and size of the SCG make it ideal for rapid isolation and dissociation. The protocol described here details the requirements for the dissection, culture and differentiation of SCG neurons. The protocol is suitable for culturing neurons from late embryonic gestation to approximately postnatal day 3. The culture technique ... [摘要]  啮齿动物上级子宫颈神经节(SCG)是一种有用且易于获取的神经元来源,用于研究交感神经系统(SNS)体外发育和生长的机制。 早期出生后动物的交感神经系统(SNS)经历了大量的重塑和发育; 因此,在这个年龄的小鼠中取出的神经元被引发再生长并在原位移除后建立突触连接。 SCG的刻板位置和尺寸使其成为快速隔离和解离的理想选择。 这里描述的方案详述了SCG神经元的解剖,培养和分化的要求。 该方案适用于从晚期胚胎妊娠至大约出生后第3天培养神经元。下面讨论的培养技术利用玻璃盖玻片进行固定细胞的显微镜检查。