Phosphate-Buffered Saline, 1X
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Observation of Pneumococcal Phase Variation in Colony Morphology
[Abstract]  Streptococcus pneumoniae (pneumococcus) is an important human pathogen that causes pneumonia, meningitis, sepsis, and otitis media. This bacterium normally resides in the nasopharynx as a commensal, but sometimes disseminates to sterile sites of humans and causes local or systemic inflammation. This biphasic behavior of S. pneumoniae is correlated with a reversible switch between the opaque and transparent colony forms on agar plates, a phenomenon referred to as phase ...

Establishment of Patient-Derived Xenografts in Mice
[Abstract]  Patient-derived xenograft (PDX) models for cancer research have recently attracted considerable attention in both the academy and industry (Hidalgo et al., 2014; Wilding and Bodmer, 2014). PDX models have been developed from different tumor types including lung cancer to improve the drug development process. These models are used for pre-clinical drug evaluation and can be used for the predictive results of clinical outcomes because they conserve original tumor characteristics such as ...

Mouse Models of Uncomplicated and Fatal Malaria
[Abstract]  Mouse models have demonstrated utility in delineating the mechanisms underlying many aspects of malaria immunology and physiology. The most common mouse models of malaria employ the rodent-specific parasite species Plasmodium berghei, P. yoelii, and P. chabaudi, which elicit distinct pathologies and immune responses and are used to model different manifestations of human disease. In vitro culture methods are not well developed for rodent Plasmodium ...

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