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Assaying the Effects of Splice Site Variants by Exon Trapping in a Mammalian Cell Line
[Abstract]  There are several in silico programs that endeavor to predict the functional impact of an individual’s sequence variation at splice donor/acceptor sites, but experimental confirmation is problematic without a source of RNA from the individual that carries the variant. With the aid of an exon trapping vector, such as pSPL3, an investigator can test whether a splice site sequence change leads to altered RNA splicing, through expression of reference and variant mini-genes in mammalian ...

Macrophage Inflammatory Assay
[Abstract]  Macrophages represent a widely distributed and functionally diverse population of innate myeloid cells involved in inflammatory response to pathogens, tissue homeostasis and tissue repair (Murray and Wynn, 2011). Macrophages can be broadly grouped into two subpopulations with opposing activites: M1 or pro-inflammatory macrophages that promote T-helper type 1 (Th1) cell immunity and tissue damage, and M2 or anti-inflammatory/alternatively activated macrophages implicated in Th2 response and ...

Radioactive Pulse-Chase Analysis and Immunoprecipitation
[Abstract]  Labeling of newly-synthesized polypeptides with radioactive amino acids followed by immunoprecipitation allows quantitative analysis of the fate of a given protein in a time-dependent manner. This biochemical approach is usually used to study a variety of processes, such as protein folding, co-translational modifications, intracellular transport, and even its rate of degradation. Here, I describe step by step a simple technique to both label newly-synthesized influenza A virus (IAV) ...

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