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VWR® Culture Tubes, Disposable, Borosilicate Glass

VWR ®文化管,一次性,硼硅酸盐玻璃

Company: VWR
Catalog#: 47729-583
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Quantification of Ethylene Production in Tomato Leaves Infected by Xanthomonas euvesicatoria
[Abstract]  Ethylene is a gaseous plant hormone controlling fruit ripening, flower opening, leaf senescence as well as abscission, and disease symptom development. Ethylene plays a critical role in the bacterial pathogen Xanthomonas euvesicatoria (X. euvesicatoria)-elicited symptom development in tomato. This protocol describes the measurement of ethylene gas produced by tomato leaves infected with X. euvesicatoria. Infected leaflets are placed in a glass tube for 30 min without sealing. The glass tubes are then capped with a septa stopper, and incubated for an hour. A 1 ml gas sample is removed from the tube using a syringe and then injected into a gas chromatograph to quantify ethylene gas levels. This protocol will be applicable for other plants with other pathogens with ... [摘要]  乙烯是控制果实成熟,开花,叶衰老以及脱落和疾病症状发展的气态植物激素。 乙烯在细菌病原体黄单胞菌属(Xanthomonas euvesicatoria)( X。euvesicatoria )中起到关键作用 - 引起番茄中的症状发展。 该方案描述了用感染了X的番茄叶产生的乙烯气体的测量。 euvesicatoria 。 将感染的小叶放置在玻璃管中30分钟而不密封。 然后将玻璃管用隔膜塞子盖上,并孵育1小时。 使用注射器从管中移出1ml气体样品,然后注入气相色谱仪中以定量乙烯气体水平。 该协议将适用于其他具有修改的其他病原体的植物。

Establishing a Biofilm Co-culture of Pseudomonas and Aspergillus for Metabolite Extraction
[Abstract]  Filamentous fungi and bacteria form mixed-species biofilms in nature and diverse clinical contexts (Frey-Klett et al., 2011; Peleg et al., 2010). The interactions between fungi and bacteria, often mediated by secreted metabolites, have important ramifications for the biology of the interacting partners (Frey-Klett et al., 2011). This is particularly true for the bacterium Pseudomonas aeruginosa (P. aeruginosa) and the fungus Aspergillus fumigatus (A. fumigatus) which often reside in the same niche such as lungs of cystic fibrosis (CF) patients. Some studies have reported that co-infection with P. aeruginosa and A. fumigatus could lead to a decrease in lung function relative to their respective single species ... [摘要]  丝状真菌和细菌在自然界和不同的临床背景中形成混合物种生物膜(Frey-Klett等人,2011; Peleg等人,2010)。真菌和细菌之间的相互作用,通常由分泌的代谢物介导,对相互作用的伴侣的生物学具有重要的影响(Frey-Klett等人,2011)。对于绿脓假单胞菌(铜绿假单胞菌)和真菌烟曲霉( A。fumigatus >),其常常位于相同的位置,例如囊性纤维化(CF)患者的肺。一些研究报道了与p的共感染。铜绿和 烟曲霉可能导致相对于它们各自的单一物种感染的肺功能降低(Amin等人,2010; Peleg等人,2010)。代谢物提取和分析允许表征多微生物生物膜中的特定微生物代谢物。该方案描述了如何在固体培养基上制备假单胞菌属 - 曲霉菌共培养生物膜以准备代谢物提取。