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Detection of ASC Oligomerization by Western Blotting
[Abstract]  The apoptosis-associated speck-like protein with a caspase-recruitment domain (ASC) adaptor protein bridges inflammasome sensors and caspase-1. Upon inflammasome activation, ASC nucleates in a prion-like manner into a large and single platform responsible for the recruitment and the activation of caspase-1. Active caspase-1 will in turn promote the proteolytic maturation of the pro-inflammatory cytokine IL-1β. ASC oligomerization is direct evidence for inflammasome activation and its detection ...

Reconstruction of the Mouse Inflammasome System in HEK293T Cells
[Abstract]  The NLRP3 (NLR family, Pyrin domain containing 3) inflammasome is a multiprotein complex comprised of NLRP3, pro-caspase-1, the adaptor protein apoptosis-associated speck-like protein containing a CARD (ASC), and the protein kinase NIMA related kinase 7 (NEK7) (Shi et al., 2016; He et al., 2016; Schmid-Burgk et al., 2016). When cells are exposed to microbes and/or danger signals, the inflammasome assembles and serves as a platform for the activation of caspase-1. ...

Loading of Cells with Fluorescent Probe to Study Intracellular Acid-base Homeostasis in Lactic Acid Bacteria
[Abstract]  Here we describe a protocol which we have used to study the homeostasis intracellular in vivo in lactic acid bacteria (LAB) using a fluorescent probe. This type of probes can be used for determining changes in the pH of cytoplasm with high sensitivity, temporal resolution and technical simplicity as well as accessing the rate of change of intracellular pH in response to a stimulus from kinetic measurements on short time scales (Breeuwer et al., 1996; Molenaar et al., ...

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