Nonidet-P40 substitute (Igepal CA-630, T-DET O-series, ethoxylated octylphenol, T-DET O-9)
Company: United States Biological
Catalog#: N3500
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In vitro Ag Cross-presentation and in vivo Ag Cross-presentation by Dendritic Cells in the Mouse
[Abstract]  Antigen cross presentation is important for effective immune responses to tumors and viral infections. Dendritic cells are professional antigen presenting cells and are unique in their ability to cross-present exogenous antigens on MHC class I molecules and activate antigen specific cytotoxic T cells. This protocol describes antigen cross presentation by dendritic cells (DCs) (bone marrow derived DCs and splenic DCs) in an in vitro and in an in vivo assay system using soluble ...

Restriction Enzyme Accessibility Protocol in Mammalian Cells
[Abstract]  This protocol describes a method to indirectly assess chromatin structure by using restriction enzyme in mammalian cells, modified from Current Protocols.

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