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RNA Extraction from Wistar Rat Cochlea for qRT-PCR
[Abstract]  Otology research has developed considerably in recent years and molecular analysis is crucial to identify metabolic pathways and therapeutic targets. However, the structure of the cochlea limits the amount of cell mass, and special care is required for RNA extraction. Studies applying this technique to the cochlea are scarce in the literature, and difficulties in this area exist. In the context, we describe a method for extracting RNA in Wistar rats for qRT-PCR analyses in order to clarify ...

In vitro Engineered DNA-binding Molecule-mediated Chromatin Immunoprecipitation (in vitro enChIP) Using CRISPR Ribonucleoproteins in Combination with Next-generation Sequencing (in vitro enChIP-Seq) for the Identification of Chromosomal Interactions
[Abstract]  We have developed locus-specific chromatin immunoprecipitation (locus-specific ChIP) technologies consisting of insertional ChIP (iChIP) and engineered DNA-binding molecule-mediated ChIP (enChIP). Locus-specific ChIP is a method to isolate a genomic region of interest from cells while it also identifies what binds to this region using mass spectrometry (for protein) or next generation sequencing (for RNA or DNA) as described in Fujita et al. (2016a). Recently, we identified genomic ...

Lipidomic Analysis of Caenorhabditis elegans Embryos
[Abstract]  Metabolomic is an emerging field of system biology. Lipidomic, a branch of metabolomic, aims to characterize lipophilic metabolites in biological systems. Caenorhabditis elegans (C. elegans) is a genetically tractable and versatile animal model for novel discovery of lipid metabolism. In addition, C. elegans embryo is simple and homogeneous. Here, we demonstrate detailed procedures of C. elegans culture, embryo isolation, lipid extraction and metabolomic data ...

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