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Representation-mediated Aversion as a Model to Study Psychotic-like States in Mice
[Abstract]  Several paradigms for rodent models of the cognitive and negative endophenotypes found in schizophrenic patients have been proposed. However, significant efforts are needed in order to study the pathophysiology of schizophrenia-related positive symptoms. Recently, it has been shown that these positive symptoms can be studied in rats by using representation-mediated learning. This learning measure the accuracy of mental representations of reality, also called ‘reality testing’. Alterations in ...

A Novel Task for Studying Memory of Occasional Events in Rats
[Abstract]  Episodic memory has been defined in humans as the conscious recollection of unique personal past experiences often occurring singly during daily life, including remembrance of what happened, where and when it happened (Tulving, 1972). Here, we propose and describe in details a novel protocol we recently used to test the ability of rats to form and recollect episodic-like memory of previously encountered occasional episodes (Veyrac et al., 2015). During these episodes, the animals are ...

Olfactory Habituation in Fasted Mice
[Abstract]  Sensory perception is tightly modulated by the individual’s internal states. In particular, it has been shown that olfactory processes are constantly influenced by metabolic signals reflecting the energy status of the body. Thus, it is important to implement novel approaches to evaluate the impact of body energy changes on olfactory performance. Here, we describe a behavioral protocol to accurately evaluate olfactory habituation in fasted mice (Soria-Gomez et al., 2014) using basic ...

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