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Detection of Nitric Oxide and Determination of Nitrite Concentrations in Arabidopsis thaliana and Azospirilum brasilense
[Abstract]  There is now general agreement that nitric oxide (NO) is an important and almost ubiquitous signal in plants. Nevertheless, there are still many controversial observations and differing opinions on the importance and functions of NO in plants. Partly, this may be due to the difficulties in detecting and quantifying NO. Here, we summarize protocols for detecting NO and quantifying nitrite concentration in Arabidopsis seedlings. We also present a method to measure NO in biofilms formed ...

Localisation and Quantification of Reactive Oxygen Species and Nitric Oxide in Arabidopsis Roots in Response to Fungal Infection
[Abstract]  Nitric oxide and reactive oxygen species have emerged as important signalling molecules in plants. The half-lives of NO and ROS are very short therefore rapid and precise measurements are required for the understanding biological roles of these redox active species. Various organelles and compartments generate NO and ROS thus it is important to determine precise location of these free radicals in order to understand their signalling roles. Diaminofluorescen (DAF) and fluorescent 2', ...

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