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Neutral Red Assay for Murine Norovirus Replication and Detection in a Mouse
[Abstract]  Neutral red (NR) is a dye that must be actively imported into the cell, and, therefore, the dye has been used for decades to selectively stain living cells. In addition, NR can also be incorporated into virus particles, although the mechanism behind this is poorly understood. Once encapsulated into the virion, NR, a light sensitive dye, can be photoactivated to inactivate the virus. The proposed mechanism explaining this observation is that activation of NR allows the dye to cross-link viral ...

Probing Yeast Protein Microarrays for Protein-protein Interactions Using V5-epitope Tagged Fusion Protein Probes
[Abstract]  Protein microarray is probably the only technique currently available for systematic investigation of protein-protein interactions. This protocol describes an optimized method to probe yeast protein microarrays for protein-protein interactions using purified V5-epitope tagged fusion protein. It should also apply to any other proteins with appropriate modifications.

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