Millicell Cell Culture Insert, 12 mm, polycarbonate, 8.0 µm
Company: EMD Millipore
Catalog#: PI8P01250
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In vitro Migration Assays for Neural Stem Cells, Intermediate Neurogenic Progenitors and Immature Neurons
[Abstract]  In the vertebrate central nervous system (CNS), different neural precursor populations such as neural stem cells (NSCs), intermediate neurogenic progenitors (INPs) and immature neurons have to migrate from their places of birth to their location of function. Coordinated migration is mediated by direct cell-cell interactions and by extracellular matrix components, chemoattractants as well as repellents. The migration potential of such populations as well as the responsiveness to chemoattractive ...

Transwell Cell Migration Assay Using Human Breast Epithelial Cancer Cell
[Abstract]  Transwell migration assays have been widely used for studying the motility of different types of cells including metastatic cancer cells. The assay is also useful in screens for compounds that act as chemoattractants or inhibitors of chemotaxis for cells. The assay employs a permeable layer of support, usually a tissue-culture-treated microporous membrane, which is positioned between two compartments that mimic two different sets of microenvironments for cell survival/growth. Cells on one side ...

Tumor Cell Invasion Assay
[Abstract]  Cell invasion assays have been used to study the interactions between tumor cells and the extracellular matrix (ECM), which not only provides a structural scaffold for the cell, but also contains various biological factors for the survival and growth of the cell. ECM gel contains the basic components of the ECM that provides a structural support for the cell to grow and move. Cells can secrete enzymes that degrade certain components of the ECM to move towards chemoattractants, or to simply ...

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