P1,P5-Di(adenosine-5′) pentaphosphate pentasodium salt
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Determination of the H+-ATP Synthase and Hydrolytic Activities
[Abstract]  The H+-ATP synthase of the inner mitochondrial membrane utilizes the proton gradient generated by the respiratory chain to synthesize ATP. Under depolarizing conditions, it can function in reverse by hydrolyzing ATP to generate a proton gradient. The protocols presented here allow the facile determination of both the synthetic and hydrolytic activities of the H+-ATP synthase in isolated mitochondria and in permeabilized mammalian cells. Since the protocol requires the ...

Isolation of Tomato Fruit Chromoplasts and Determination of ATP Levels
[Abstract]  It has recently been reported that tomato fruit chromoplasts can synthesize ATP de novo using an ATP synthase complex harboring an atypical γ-subunit which is also present in a variety of plant species. However many aspects related with the biochemical processes underlying this process remain largely unknown. Here we describe detailed protocols for the isolation of tomato fruit chromoplasts and the determination of ATP levels (end-point measurements) and ATP synthesis rates (kinetic ...

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