Adenosine 5'-triphosphate disodium salt hydrate
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Advanced Design of Minimalistic Dumbbell-shaped Gene Expression Vectors
[Abstract]  Minimal DNA vectors exclusively comprising therapeutically relevant sequences hold great promise for the development of novel therapeutic regimen. Dumbbell-shaped vectors represent non-viral non-integrating DNA minimal vectors which have entered an advanced stage of clinical development (Hardee et al., 2017). Spliceable introns and DNA nuclear import signals such as SV40 enhancer sequences are molecular features that have found multiple applications in plasmid vectors to improve ...

Non-radioactive LATS in vitro Kinase Assay
[Abstract]  This protocol describes a method to directly measure LATS activity by an in vitro kinase assay using YAP as a substrate.

Formation of Minimised Hairpin Template-transcribing Dumbbell Vectors for Small RNA Expression
[Abstract]  A major barrier for using non-viral vectors for gene therapy is the short duration of transgene expression in postmitotic tissues. Previous studies showed transgene expression from conventional plasmid fell to sub-therapeutic level shortly after delivery even though the vector DNA was retained, suggesting transcription was silenced in vivo (Nicol et al., 2002; Chen et al., 2004). Emerging evidence indicates that plasmid bacterial backbone sequences are responsible for ...

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