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Separation of Free and Bound cAMP in Mycobacteria
[Abstract]  Mycobacterial genomes encode a plethora of genes that are involved in the synthesis, utilization and degradation of cAMP. The genome of M. tuberculosis H37Rv, for example, encodes 16 adenylyl cyclases and 10 genes harbouring the cyclic nucleotide-binding (CNB) domain (Shenoy and Visweswariah, 2006). Cyclic AMP is efficiently secreted by mycobacteria, and cytosolic as well as extracellular levels of cAMP can reach hundreds of micromolar. We have recently reported that an abundantly ...

Extraction and Purification of Mycobacterial Mycolic Acids
[Abstract]  Mycolic acids are major long-chain fatty acids, containing up to 80-90 carbon atoms that represent essential components of the mycobacterial cell wall (Pawelczyk and Kremer, 2014). Each mycobacterial species possesses a specific mycolic acid profile characterized by various chemical modifications that decorate the lipid. Mycolic acids play a critical role in the architecture and impermeability of the cell envelope, hence the natural resistance of mycobacteria to most antibiotic treatments. They ...

Phagolysosomal Trafficking Assay
[Abstract]  Phagolysosomal trafficking is an important innate defense pathway that clears microbes by delivering them to lysosomes, the degradative compartment of the cell. Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb), the causative agent of tuberculosis, subverts this host defense mechanism by arresting maturation of the phagosome. The ability of Mtb to arrest its delivery to the lysosome can be demonstrated by the prolonged co-localization of bacteria containing phagosomes/vacuole with early phagosomal ...

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