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Targeted Mutagenesis Using RNA-guided Endonucleases in Mosses
[Abstract]  RNA-guided endonucleases (RGENs) have been used for genome editing in various organisms. Here, we demonstrate a simple method for performing targeted mutagenesis and genotyping in a model moss species, Physcomitrella patens, using RGENs. We also performed targeted mutagenesis in a non-model moss, Scopelophilla cataractae, using a similar method (Nomura et al., 2016), indicating that this experimental system could be applied to a wide range of mosses species.

Ultradeep Pyrosequencing of Hepatitis C Virus to Define Evolutionary Phenotypes
[Abstract]  Analysis of hypervariable regions (HVR) using pyrosequencing techniques is hampered by the ability of error correction algorithms to account for the heterogeneity of the variants present. Analysis of between-sample fluctuations to virome sub-populations, and detection of low frequency variants, are unreliable through the application of arbitrary frequency cut offs. Cumulatively this leads to an underestimation of genetic diversity. In the following technique we describe the analysis of ...

RNA Editing Detection by Direct Sequencing
[Abstract]  RNA editing is a widespread post-transcriptional phenomenon through which primary RNA sequences are altered by nucleotide insertion/deletion or base conversion. It occurs in a variety of organisms and cooperates with alternative splicing in increasing both proteomic and transcriptomic complexity. We describe here a method allowing RNA editing events detection by performing direct sequencing of both genomic DNA and cDNA from the same source.

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