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Preparation, Stimulation and Other Uses of Adult Rat Brain Synaptosomes
[Abstract]  In this paper, our protocol for preparation of brain synaptosomes is described. Synaptosomes are a valuable model system for analysis of structural components of the synapse as well as for investigation of synaptic function. Synaptosomal preparations are necessary for understanding molecular changes at synapses where critical post-translational modifications of synaptic proteins may occur. Not only are synaptosomes rich in synaptic proteins, but they can be used for analyzing uptake of ...

Lysosomal Amino Acid Efflux Assay
[Abstract]  As the cellular “recycling” organelle, lysosomes break down proteins into amino acids, which are then transported into cytosol for reuse by various amino acid transporters. The transport rate of an amino acid is presumably regulated by cellular conditions such as organelle pH, membrane potential and metabolic states. Because of their intracellular localization and the relative inaccessibility, lysosomal amino acid transporters have been studied largely via indirect measurements. Using lysosome ...

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