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Monitoring the Targeting of Cathepsin D to the Lysosome by Metabolic Labeling and Pulse-chase Analysis
[Abstract]  Mannose 6-phosphate receptors function can be studied in living cells by investigating alterations in processing and secretion of their ligand Cathepsin D. The assay described here is well established in the literature and comprises the metabolic labeling of newly synthesized proteins with [35S] methionine-cysteine in HeLa cells to monitor Cathepsin D processing through secretory pathway and secretion using immunoprecipitation, SDS-PAGE and fluorography.

MPM-2 Mediated Immunoprecipitation of Proteins Undergoing Proline-directed Phosphorylation
[Abstract]  Immunoprecipitation (IP) represents a widely utilized biochemical method to isolate a specific protein from a complex mixture taking advantage of an antibody that specifically recognizes that particular target molecule. This procedure is extremely versatile and can be applied to concentrate a specific protein, to identify interacting partners in complex with it or to detect post-translational modifications. The mitotic protein monoclonal 2 (MPM-2) is an antibody originally raised against ...

An in vitro Transcription/translation System for Detection of Protein Interaction
[Abstract]  Studying protein-protein interaction is crucial to understand the fundamental processes of molecular biology. High-throughput screening, such as immunoprecipitation followed by proteomic analysis, allows for the identification of numerous candidate partners that might interact with a selected protein. However, experimental validation of protein-protein interaction requires conventional cloning and recombinant protein expression/purification, which are complicated and labor-intensive techniques. ...

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